Key Contacts


Santosh Kumar Mall, IAS, Secretary.

Tel: (0612)-2215165, 2233233 Fax: (0612)-2215184.



Dr. Shailaza Sharma, IAS, Joint Secretary.

Pravin Kumar, BAS, Joint Secretary.
Mrs. Geeta Singh, BAS, Dy. Secretary.

Mobile: 94304-25462.






 Voluntary disclosures by MWRD under Right to Information Act, 2005.


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LAP (Long Term Action Plan)
बिहार शताब्दी निजी नलकूप योजना
Real time Ground Water Level (Telemetry)
MWRD Registration(Contractor)
Provisional List of JE Recruitment
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Call Center Numbers

0612-2215605/ 2215606
0612-2217450/ 2217451


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